Stainless Steel Ring Blank 8mm Wide, 4mm Channel

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Stainless Steel Ring Blank 8mm Wide 4mm Channel

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver

Width: 8mm
Channel: 4mm
Style: One Piece Design
Comfort Fit: Yes
Sizing: US 

Benefit Of Using Our Blanks/Cores?

Our ring blanks are polished on the inside of the ring this gives the ring a finished and perfected look. It also makes the ring more comfortable when wearing and taking on and off your finger. 

Our ring cores are brushed within the channel of the ring. This will help bond adhesives more easily to our channels. 

Why Is Stainless Steel A Good Choice for Ring Making?

Stainless Steel is a very durable metal, making it a good choice for everyday wear. The ring has an invisible layer of chromium that will prevent oxidation. Stainless Steel is also more affordable compared to other metals making this product budget friendly.

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    Customer Reviews

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    These blanks have a nice finished edge. The others out there are flat, these have a more refined, elegant edge.