How to Make Holiday Inspired Opal Earrings & a Matching Opal Bracelet

How to Make Holiday Inspired Opal Earrings & a Matching Opal Bracelet

How to Make Holiday Inspired Opal Earrings & a Matching Opal Bracelet

Are you a fan of Opal and the holiday season? If so, you're in for a treat! This talented creator has brought some festive cheer to their work this year. Take a look at this beautiful Opal Jewelry set that we're confident you'll adore!

Season Greeting's to Our Featured Creator:
Dana Lewis

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Introducing: The Santa Baby Opal Jewelry Set

 Learn How to Make The Opal Earrings & Bracelet from Dana Lewis

🎅"In creating Santa Baby bracelet, I use 9" of .8mm Powercord.
First I add one 3mm solid sterling silver ball then I add one 9×6 Swarovski Emerald barrel bead. Then another 3mm solid sterling silver ball." -Dana Lewis

(Stretch Cord Example Photo)

🎅"Next I add a 6mm light Siam ×2AB Swarovski round crystal. Then I add 6mm Ruby Red Opal Bead. I continue to add 6mm light Siam ×2AB Swarovski round crystal and a 3mm sterling silver ball spacer." -Dana Lewis

🎅"From there I add 6mm white Swarovski crystal. Then I add one 6mm Pearl White Opal Bead. Next I added one 6mm white Swarovski crystal. Then a 3mm sterling silver ball." -Dana Lewis

🎅"Next I add 1 9×6 Swarovski Emerald Barrel bead the the 3mm sterling silver ball. Then repeat the process around." -Dana Lewis

🎅"Then I measure to make sure it's the length I need. From there, I tie the bracelet using the sturgeon knot." -Dana Lewis

🎅"For the Santa Baby earrings; I use a 4" head pin, sterling silver fish hook earrings, and a silicone back" -Dana Lewis

(Earring Hardware Example Photo)

🎅"Step one is on the pin, I add a sterling silver bead cap then add one 8mm Ruby Red Opal Bead. Then another sterling bead cap." -Dana Lewis

🎅"Next I add a 6mm Pearl White Opal Bead. Then I add one 3mm sterling silver ball, a 9×6 Swarovski Emerald barrel bead, and a 3mm sterling silver ball." -Dana Lewis

🎅"Then I cut 1.5" off the pin and with needle nose pliers I make a loop then I add my sterling silver earring wires and add a silicone back." -Dana Lewis

- The Results -

Featured Materials 

Pearl White Opal Beads - Sizes: 6mm & 8mm
Ruby Red Opal Beads - Sizes: 6mm & 8mm

 Other Materials 

Powercord Stretch Cord
Sterling Silver Earring Hardware
×2AB Swarovski Round Crystal Beads
Siam ×2AB Swarovski Round Crystal Beads
9×6 Swarovski Emerald Barrel Beads
3mm Sterling Silver Ball Spacer Bead

Get to Know Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis has been crafting exquisite jewelry creations since 2006. Over the years, she has cultivated a thriving community of artisans and jewelry enthusiasts who follow her work on Facebook. Dana's passion extends not only to her craft but also to her cherished clientele.

"I love helping my customers design their beautiful works of art." - Dana Lewis

Dana has been collaborating with our Opal Beads for more than a year. It's safe to say she wholeheartedly shares our passion for all things Opal!

"Opals have a beautiful glimmer. An absolute show stopper. Everyone loves The Opal Dealers Opals. They are the highest quality that I have found." - Dana Lewis

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