How to Make a Crushed Opal Ring

How to Make a Crushed Opal Ring

How to Make a Crushed Opal Ring

Ring making is more than just a hobby – it's a true passion.
Meet a skilled maker who takes craftsmanship to new heights. Using crushed opal, natural stone, and unique metals, this creator's keen eye for detail produces outstanding designs. Get ready to be inspired and learn how to make a crushed opal ring from the best!

C.S. Wood Crafts

Meet @c.s.woodcrafts and checkout their website!

Delve Deeper into the World of C.S. Wood Crafts

In 2020, C.S. Wood Crafts embarked on their ring-making journey, initially focusing on intricate wooden inlay designs. This path led them to a fascinating exploration of diverse inlay materials, including the captivating world of Crushed Opal.

Driven by a genuine passion for both craftsmanship and continuous growth, C.S. Wood Crafts finds immense joy in refining their skills and, more importantly, in sharing happiness through their creations.

"I enjoy making products that bring smiles to peoples faces. This makes my hobby worth while that I don’t only enjoy making my products but people love the way they look! That brings me a lot of motivation to keep improving my craft."
-C.S. Wood Crafts

He shares our love for Crushed Opal because of it's innate ability to elevate any project. 

"I love the bright colors they give off! I can wear a crushed opal ring and people comment of how colorful and shiny they are. For me thou, I love how easy it is to be incorporated into any project and give off an amazing finish."
-C.S. Wood Crafts

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 The Process Explained by C.S. Wood Crafts

🍊 "The process for opal ring making can vary depending on the design. For this design in particular It begins with the cutting of the tru-stone stock. This material will be the guide to the fabrication of the ring."

🍊 "Once it’s cut into a small square, a hole needs to be cut so that the tungsten ring core can be cemented into the material using CA glue which is very similar to an epoxy."

🍊 "Once the piece is placed within the tru-stone slab, the tungsten core can be placed on an expanding ring mandrel. By doing this, the material can be turned into many shapes using tungsten carbide turning chisels."

🍊 "After the material is smooth and cut to its desired shape, I use the same CA glue used for cementing the ring for cementing the crushed tangerine opal pieces. After they are placed, the entire ring is sanded down and polished to a very fine grit to give a stunning finish."

- The Final Results - 

See The Ring in Action


Featured Materials 

Other Materials 

    CA Glue
    Expanding Ring Mandrel 
    Tungsten Carbide Turning Chisels
    Sanding & Polishing Materials


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