How to Make a Crushed Opal Resin Clock

How to Make a Crushed Opal Resin Clock

How to Make a Crushed Opal Resin Clock

Are you familiar with the concept of a resin clock?
One talented artist has taken this idea to the next level with their creation of the Crushed Opal Moon Phase Clock. This exquisite piece showcases a remarkable level of craftsmanship, characterized by meticulous attention to detail that is truly awe-inspiring. Exploring the work of this artisan firsthand provides an opportunity to gain insights into their mastery of the craft.

- The Featured Creator -
Cathartic Creations by Cheryl

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 The Process Explained by Cathartic Creations

🌙"My start of my process is usually dependent on one of the two following paths: I either have materials I want to incorporate into resin somehow and need to determine which design would express the material best or I have a mold/design I want to focus on and need to determine how to work within that design. It’s hard to decide which pathway I prefer because I enjoy them both! However for this specific project, I started with the former of the two paths: incorporate Opal into resin to create a unique piece of art! " - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"I began in the brainstorming phase of how I could incorporate Opal into resin to create a unique piece of art. I perused the Opal Dealer website to review all of the options in crushed Opal and made note of the colors that stood out most to me. Then I spend several days brainstorming different designs and pieces I could create in order to determine what would reflect my personality while also showing off the opal. This includes making lists and bad sketches of possible creations. I usually spend 1-3 days thinking about my choice before I commit. " - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"For this project I chose to create a moon phase wall hanging piece
(turned into a clock!) in which each moon and the border would have opal, with a
pigmented background. I had to determine how much Opal for each color I would need in order to cover the surface area of each moon and the border. Once I acquire the correct materials I can begin!" - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"For the moon phase creation, I first started off with adding resin mixed with crushed Opal into each moon as well as the border." 
-Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"When it hardened enough, I poured the background
of the piece using pigmented resin." - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"When it finished casting, I demolded it and painted the
etched detail." - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"Then a layer of clear resin was placed on top of the paint to seal it." 
- Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

🌙"However, making a simple wall hanging didn’t seem satisfactory enough so I turned it into a clock! I drilled a hole in the center and added a battery powered clock mechanism for a fully functional clock!" 
- Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

 The Final Art Piece

Featured Materials 

Cheshire Crushed Opal - Size Medium
Cotton Candy Crushed Opal - Size Medium
Neptune Crushed Opal - Size Medium
Star Burst Crushed Opal - Size Medium
Turquoise Crushed Opal - Size Medium

Other Materials 

Pigmented Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resin
PPE Safety Supplies
Mixing Tools and Containers 
Clock Mechanism and Batteries

Get to Know Cheryl from Cathartic Creations

Cheryl has been creation resin art pieces and decor for over three years now. Mastering her craft through self expression and passion. 

"I love being able to create what I
see in my mind and as an expression of myself. As my business name mentions, Cathartic Creations, I find a lot of catharsis in using resin to bring my ideas to life." - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

 She recently discovered her love for Crushed Opal but has always been an Opal Lover!

"Not only is Opal my birthstone (October baby!), I have been obsessed with the stone since I was a child. I love the way they shimmer in the light and vary in color. Even though I favor cool tones of Opal like greens, blues, and purples,
I still get to enjoy the other colors of the rainbow within each crushed fleck!" - Cheryl, @cathartic.creations1

You can find Cheryl's work on her Etsy Shop or at local craft shows in Michigan. Follow @cathartic.creations1 on Instagram to keep up with the newest resin art pieces and decor that Cheryl is creating!
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