How to Make a Crushed Opal and Resin Bat

How to Make a Crushed Opal and Resin Bat

How to Make a Crushed Opal and Resin Bat

Creativity never ends when it comes to Resin Art! Checkout this Halloween themed Crushed Opal and Resin Bat...

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 The Process Explained by The Crocheting Raven

🦇"First, I traced the bat shape onto an iridescent Mylar sheet. I then cut it out and set it aside to use later."

🦇"Secondly, I placed the opals in the mold and moved them around to create an outline for the wings. I chose to use a silicone brush but a paintbrush works good too! I chose orange dahlia opals for the eyes, lava rock opals for the body, & black fire opals for the wings."

🦇"I then used a plastic pipette to gently squeeze the epoxy resin on top of the opals. Some of the opals will float up and shift from their initial placement so they will need poked/pushed back into place. This bat has 3 different layers so I only want to use enough resin to cover the opals and not fill the mold all the way."

🦇"Once the first resin layer is cured, I add another layer of clear resin and add my mylar sheet cutout. I gently press down on the mylar sheet with my silicone brush to get the sheet in the correct placement & to push any bubbles that may be trapped under it.

🦇After the mylar sheet layer is cured, I mixed black pigment into more epoxy resin and poured it into the mold filling up the mold completely. Adding a black layer of resin will make the opals & mylar sheet colors pop! When the black epoxy layer is finally cured I demolded the bat from the mold.

🦇"My silicone mold was not shiny so the bat had cured a semi-frosty appearance. I decided to use more clear epoxy resin to really gloss up the surface of the bat so that the fire in the opals can shine! I used my gloved finger to gently spread the resin on the surface of the bat. (Quick tip! If your resin is repelling on the surface instead of sticking, let the resin sit in its cup & thicken up. Resin will become warmer & thicken during its curing process so it is easier to get it to stick & stay on surfaces when it is a thicker consistency.)"

🦇"After the top glossy layer is cured the Opal Bat is complete! I wasn’t sure if the iridescence from the Mylar sheet was conflicting too much with the opals so I also created another bat without the mylar sheet. I love the iridescent mylar sheet behind the opals but the all black background gives the opals an amazing contrast and lets the opals fire show perfectly on their own! These bats are the perfect size to be turned into wall hangings or keychains but a statement necklace is also a possibility!"

Final Results

Discover The Products Used for The Project

  Crushed Opal:

Other Materials:
Bat silicone mold 
Iridescent Mylar sheet
Epoxy Resin
Black Pigment

Silicone brush or paintbrush
Plastic pipette


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