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How to Make a Crushed Opal and Resin Bat Creativity never ends when it comes to Resin Art! Checkout this Halloween themed Crushed Opal and Resin Bat... Featured Creator @thecrochetingraven Follow @thecrochetingraven and checkout their Website or Etsy WATCH THE VIDEO AND KEEP READING TO LEARN MORE...  The Process Explained by The Crocheting Raven 🦇"First, I traced the bat shape onto an iridescent Mylar sheet. I then cut it out and set it aside to use later." 🦇"Secondly, I placed the opals in the mold and moved them around to create an outline for the wings. I chose to use a silicone brush but a...

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How to Make Crushed Opal & Resin Earrings Crushed Opal can be used for many different types projects. Discover your next obsession with us through the fascinating world of Resin Jewelry! Featured Creator @liquideyesart Follow @liquideyesart on Instagram or Checkout Liquid Eyes Art Etsy Shop  The Process Explained by Liquid Eyes Art 🦋 "First, I choose a mold with an engraved design. I use the engravings as guidelines to know where to place the opals. If I plan to do a combination of adding powder pigments along with the opals, I brush that on in the preparation stage. For this project, I only used...

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