How to Make a Stainless Steel Slab Sphere with Crushed Opal

How to Make a Stainless Steel Slab Sphere with Crushed Opal

How to Make a Stainless Steel Slab Sphere with Crushed Opal

Welcome to the world of inlay, where the possibilities are endless when you have a creative vision like this unique artist. We are proud to share the work of an amazing creator who specializes in handcrafted custom tools. Don't miss out on this glimpse into their process...

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Meet the Artist 

Learn more about the creator and their creations...

@kal.hooto.creations got their start in October of 2021 making custom tools and debuted their work on Instagram shortly after. One year later the idea for inlayed stainless steel slab spheres was born and showcased on their Instagram. They started using Crushed Opal in February of 2022 making for the perfect combination of handcrafted tools and unique inlay projects, which then started their love for Crushed Opal!

"I love the polychromatism and just the way it catches your eye. My lizard brain is just drawn to shiny objects!" - @kal.hooto.creations

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It is always an honor to work with a creator who cares about their creations and the customers who purchase their work!

"The fact that at any given time someone can be using something that I created is an amazing feeling!" - @kal.hooto.creations


 The Process Explained by Kal.Hooto.Creations

🌟 "First I receive a turned stainless steel sphere from a metal shop based here in the USA. These have a threaded hole that really helps make this project possible."

🌟 "I first layout my design in sharpie, then with a metal cutting disc mounted on a Dremel I cut the design onto the sphere."

🌟 "Next I apply thick CA glue in the cuts, and sprinkle in some crushed opal. To ensure the cuts are filled with the crushed opal, I roll the sphere around in the material shaken off during the previous step."

🌟 "After this I apply some thin CA glue to ensure there are no air gaps, and spray on some activator to allow it to dry."

🌟 "Then, using the threaded hole mentioned earlier, the sphere is spun on a drill and wet sanded up to 400 grit, then scotch brite for a fine brushed finish."

🌟 "Finally, it's hand polished and sent off to the customer."

- The Finished Piece -

 What supplies are needed for this project?

Crushed Opal:
Star Burst Crushed Opal - Size Fine

Other Materials:
Stainless Steel Sphere
Thick CA Glue
Spray Activator 
Metal Polish

Other Tools:
Metal Cutting Disc
Sand Paper
Scotch Brite


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