Pearl White Opal Round Cabochon

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Lab Created Pearl White Opal Round Flat Back Cabochon - 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm

Product Information: 

Material: Pearl White Lab Created Opal
Color: White/Rainbow
Stone Type: Cabochon

Stone Size: 
Unit of Measurement: Millimeters 
Stone Thickness: 1-2.6mm
Stone Cut: 
Back Type: Flat Back
Quantity: 1-50 pieces
Material Information: 
80% silica & 20% resin
Heat Resistance:
 Up to a rough estimate of 250 degrees Fahrenheit
MOHS Hardness: 

*Please keep in mind that each cabochon is unique and color may vary

These flat back stones are great for any beginner or expert crafter. The brilliant fire will bring a new level of shine to your jewelry or craft projects...

Color Description:



Pearl White Lab Opal is inspired by the glistening Pearl birthstone. This white opal is complexly layered with red, green, and blue fire. A deep dive into the vast ocean could be the only way to recover one of the most mesmerizing materials in the world. This could be your next big catch of the season.

What is Pearl White Lab Created Opal?

Pearl White Opal is a synthetic lab-made material that consists of Silica and Polymer rather than hydrated silica (natural opal). The polymer stabilizes our opal which in turn makes it easier for jewelry making. You will experience less cracking and crazing that can be detrimental when using natural opal in jewelry. By using a polymer it also creates a slightly softer product making it superior for turning and cabbing. Our opal does not fall victim to color fading and is resistant to chemicals such as acetone and alcohol. 

Our Lab Created Opal takes around one year to grow in a controlled environment. This is a complex process of layering to create the unique color patterns. This complex process is used to then create a rough cut of synthetic opal that is then made into stones. The stones are cut and perfected into the many different sizes we offer. Due to the layering of vibrant bursts of color this makes each stone unique with it's own blend of colors and patterns.

Please keep in mind that the material can only withstand heat up to a rough estimate of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Please proceed at your own risk.

Click Here to learn more about how lab opal is made...

Packaging, Sizing, and Quantities:


  • 2mm / 1.0mm
  • 3mm / 1.5mm
  • 4mm / 1.8mm
  • 5mm / 2mm
  • 6mm / 2.2mm
  • 7mm / 2.4mm
  • 8mm / 2.6mm


  • 1-50 Quantity Options
  • Example:
    1 stone = one loose stone
    5 stones = five loose stones
    10 stones = ten loose stones
    25 stones = twenty five loose stones
    50 stones = fifty loose stones


  • Loose Stones will be packaged in a resealable bag

The Uses Of Lab Created Opal Stones: 

Inlay Projects
Jewelry/Ring Making
Nail Art 
Wire Wrapping

Processing Times & Shipping Offers: 

  • Processing Times: 1-2 Business Days *Unless otherwise specified
  • US orders over $35 are eligible for Free First Class USPS Shipping (estimated 3-5 business days) 
  • US orders over $100 are eligible for Free Priority Flat Rate Shipping (estimated 1-3 business days)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
April Trees

Very pretty and size is just right!

Thank you April! Enjoy :)


I measured the opal on my mm ruler and to me, they measure 2mm, not 3mm. I also compared them to 2mm opal cabs I previously ordered thru Amazon that were shipped from India, and they measure identical, which is why I searched and purchased 3mm, the 2mm too small for my ring replacements. Not worth the bother of returning and replacing, if it was even offered. Just really disappointed.

Hi Lori, thank you for sharing your honest feedback. All of our stones are measured with digital calipers to ensure the correct sizing for each stone. We have sold many of our cabs with no sizing issues. In the future, we would suggest measuring with digital calipers as this is the only way to accurately measure such small stones. Please keep in mind that 3mm stones are incredibly small, this would be roughly .11 inches in size. If you ever feel disappointed with your order, please contact us directly as we are always happy to work with the customer to make it right. We apologize for any disappoint!