Mini Clear Glass Vial With Small Cork Plug

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Mini Vial Glass Vial with Small Cork

Product Information: 

Material Type: Glass Vial with Cork
Color: Clear
Unit of Measurement: Grams
Quantity: 1 Gram, 3 Gram, & 5 Gram Options

Why choose a Vial?

A glass vial is perfect for displaying unique items or try your hand at a vial craft project. This vial also works great for holding or displaying crushed opal. The glass vial makes it easy to hold and handle. Allowing you to have more control of how much crushed opal is being used at a time. Try our vials for your next inlay project or craft!

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The Uses For a Vial of Crushed Opal: 

Add water to the vial for display
Cabinet of Curiosities
Wire wrap the vial and create a necklace

The Uses Of Crushed Opal: 

Casting Projects
Jewelry/Ring Making
Nail Art
Other Inlay Projects
Pen Turning
Resin Art

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