Rainbow Opal & Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

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Rainbow Opal & Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

Product Information:

Material: Lab Created Black Emerald Opal, Golden Pineapple Opal, Nectar Opal, Pacific Sapphire Opal, Ruby Red Opal, Sleepy Lavender Opal, Ultra Violet Opal, Lava Stone Beads, Stretch Cord, & Rainbow Gemstone Spacer
Color: Rainbow & Black 
Bead Size: 8mm
Bead Cut: Round Bead

Closures: Stretch Cord with No Clasps or Closures
Style: Stackable Beaded Bracelet
Sizing: XX-Small through 1X

*Please keep in mind that every bead is unique and color may vary

This is a handcrafted beaded Lab Created Rainbow Opal Lava Stone Bracelet for men and women. This is using 8mm Black Emerald, Golden Pineapple, Nectar, Pacific Sapphire, Ruby Red, Sleepy Lavender, & Ultra Violet Beads and 8mm Lava Stones, also includes a spacer bead made with rainbow gemstones. This bracelet can be gently slid off and on your wrist, with no excess force.

This bracelet makes a great gift for men and/or women. The bracelet also can be stacked with other wrist accessories (watches and/or other bracelets). This can make a cute couple's matching bracelet set.


Click Here to learn how to measure your bracelet size...

XX-Small: 5.5 inches with 20 beads and one spacer in total.
X-Small: 6 inches with 22 beads and one spacer in total.
Small: 6.5 inches with 23 beads and one spacer in total.
Medium: 7 inches with 24 beads and one spacer in total.
Large: 7.5 inches with 26 beads and one spacer in total.
X-Large: 8 inches with 28 beads and one spacer in total.
1X: 8.5 inches with 30 beads and one spacer in total.

*Do you need a custom size or color combination? Contact us with your wrist size and requests and we will create a custom bracelet for you!


Comfort Fit:
We recommend a size that is true to your wrist size for the best comfort fit. This means that the bracelet will sit comfortably on your wrist without it being too tight or too loose.
Example: If your wrist size is 7 inches, we recommend a bracelet size of 7 inches for a comfort fit.

Loose Fit:
We recommend a half of an inch larger than your wrist size for a loose fit. This means that the bracelet would have a small gap between your wrist and the bracelet. The bracelet would be able to slightly move up and down your arm.
Example: If your wrist size is 7 inches, we recommend a bracelet size of 7.5 inches for a loose fit.

When Should I Size Up or Down?
If your wrist size is in between our bracelet sizing, you should always size up to the next closest size. We do not recommend sizing down because the bracelet will be too tight.
Example: If your wrist size is 6.75 inches, we recommend sizing up to our 7 inch bracelet size for a comfort fit or 7.5 inches for a loose fit bracelet.

Color Description: 

PRIMARY COLOR: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


All of your favorite opal colors have now come together to create this memorizing rainbow combination. 

Black Emerald Opal resembles the precious gemstone mined right from the depths of Colombia. The Opal stone is rich with a bluish green color that is contrasted by the deep black tones. This rare mineral will bring out the jewel tones right before your eyes. 

Golden Pineapple Opal is a distinctive stone material filled with a juicy golden yellow hue. The gemstone thrives in the sun, displaying its exotic color twist. This golden stone shows its roots with the green color shifts throughout the pieces. Our tropical opal will seem like paradise.

Our Nectar Opal looks like it could be the juice from a citrus fruit. The vibrant orange and yellow tones are squeezed into each stone piece. This citrus combination will have you craving more.

Pacific Sapphire Opal resembles the precious birthstone Sapphire that can be found in many corners of the world. This beautiful material pulls influences from the Pacific Ocean. The Opal is washed with soft blues from the water, blending earth’s greatest virtues and the oceans mysterious depths into one perfect stone.

Ruby Red Opal resembles the blood red gemstone Ruby. This opal shines in the sunlight with its rich red pigment, as if it was just found in a hidden mine in Thailand. This gem-like stone captures the outstanding beauty you are looking for.

Sleepy Lavender Opal seems to have been discovered in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean. This Opal pulls its inspiration from lush lavender fields under an unbelievable blue sky, the color is vibrant with deep purples and shifts of sky blue. The combination will put your mind at ease.

Ultra Violet Opal is a complex layering of unique color transitions. This synthetic gemstone material almost seems as if it has undergone such harsh radiation that the color has mutated into an illuminated light that the human eye can’t even believe. Ultra Violet, a pastel yet vibrant purple shade that bursts with a rainbow fire highlight throughout the stone pieces. Capture this unworldly color.

Rainbows are often symbols of hope in many cultures. After a dark cold storm, the earth brings a warm pop of color to bring joy into our lives and lead us to our biggest hopes and desires. 

What is Lab Created Opal?

Lab Opal is a synthetic lab-made material that consists of Silica and Polymer rather than hydrated silica (natural opal). The polymer stabilizes our opal which in turn makes it easier for jewelry making. You will experience less cracking and crazing that can be detrimental when using natural opal in jewelry. By using a polymer it also creates a slightly softer product making it superior for turning and cabbing. Our opal does not fall victim to color fading and is resistant to chemicals such as acetone and alcohol.

Lab Created Opal takes around one year to grow in a controlled environment. This is a complex process of layering to create the unique color patterns. The first form of Lab Created Opal is a rough cut of stone. This rough cut synthetic stone is then cut into many different stone shapes and sizes for jewelry making.

The Lab Opal Beads are then strung by hand to make this bracelet.

Click Here to learn more about how lab opal is made...


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