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Opal Rondelles - 6mm & 8mm Rondelle Beads with 2mm & 3mm Hole - Opalescence Spacer Bead - 5+ Color Options

Product Information: 

Material: Opalescence Imitation Opal
Color: Rainbow
Purpose: Knot Cover/Unique Bead Spacer Shape for Jewelry Making & Crafts
Unit of Measurement: Millimeters
Bead Size: 6mm & 8mm
Bead Thickness: 4mm & 5mm
Bead Cut: 
Round Rondelle
Drill Type: Fully Drilled Hole
Hole Size: 2mm & 3mm
Quantity: 1-5 pieces
Material Information: 25% silica & 75% resin 
Heat Resistance: Up to a rough estimate of 250 degrees Fahrenheit
MOHS Hardness: 

*Please keep in mind that each rondelle is unique and color may vary

Our Opal Rondelles are best suited for jewelry making and craft projects. Feature these Rondelles as a focal point or try effectively conceal knots in your jewelry creations. Consider incorporating these dazzling beads into your upcoming project for a touch of brilliance!

What is a Rondelle?

A rondelle is a slim bead shape that can be described as a "donut" like shape. Rondelles are also often referred to as spacer beads or knot covers. Rondelles are a great option for any jewelry or craft projects. Try incorporating Rondelles in your jewelry designs as a focal point or to compliment other beads within your design. Most commonly, Rondelles are used to conceal the finishing knot for handmade bracelets and other jewelry creations. The 3mm hole make these beads a perfect fit over most knots. 

Color Options: 

  • Black Ember Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Black SECONDARY COLORS:  Red
  • Black Rainbow Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Black SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Blue Haze Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Blue, Gray SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Crystal Blue Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Blue SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Lilac Galaxy Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Purple SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Ocean Blue Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Blue SECONDARY COLORS:  Green
  • Pearl Pink Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Pink SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Teal Rainbow Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Teal SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow
  • Twilight Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: Indigo SECONDARY COLORS:  Pink
  • White Rainbow Opalescence - PRIMARY COLOR: White SECONDARY COLORS:  Rainbow

    What is Opalescence?

    Opalescence is a man made material that consists of primarily Polymer that is used to stabilize Silica particles rather than hydrated Silica (like natural Opal). This gemstone like material is very strong and you will experience less cracking and crazing that can be detrimental when using natural opal in jewelry or crafting. 

    Our Opalescence is created by heat hardening resin that stabilizes Silica particles to create this amazing imitation Opal with a very unique color pattern. The color pattern for Opalescence is a marbled wave like pattern with high levels of transparency. The first form of Opalescence is a large slab that is then cut and shaped into the many different bead sizes we offer. Then the beads are drilled and perfected for jewelry and craft making. 

    Please keep in mind that the material can only withstand heat up to a rough estimate of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Please proceed at your own risk.

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    Packaging, Sizing, and Quantities:

    Bead Sizing/Bead Thickness/Drill Type:

    • 6mm/4mm/2mm Fully Drilled Hole
    • 8mm/5mm/3mm Fully Drilled Hole


      • 1-5 Quantity Options
      • Example:
        1 Bead = one loose bead
        5 Beads = five loose beads


      • Loose Beads will be packaged in a resealable bag

        The Uses of Rondelles:

        Rondelles can be used to cover finishing knots or as a spacer between beads for jewelry making and craft projects. 

        • Bracelet Making
        • Crafting 
        • Dream/Sun Catchers 
        • Fashion Accessories 
        • Jewelry/Ring Making
        • Key Chains 
        • Wire Wrapping

        Processing Times & Shipping Offers: 

        • Processing Times: 1-2 Business Days *Unless otherwise specified
        • US orders over $35 are eligible for Free First Class USPS Shipping (estimated 3-5 business days) 
        • US orders over $100 are eligible for Free Priority Flat Rate Shipping (estimated 1-3 business days)


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