Heat Treated Titanium Damascus Ring Blank 8mm Wide, 4mm Channel

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Heat Treated Titanium Damascus Ring Blank

Material: Titanium Damascus 
Color: Blue, Orange, Purple, Red
Width: 8mm
Channel: 4mm
Style: One Piece Design
Comfort Fit: Yes
Pre-Etched: Yes 

Benefits of Titanium Damascus

Our Titanium Damascus Ring Cores are made of  Titanium grade 2 and grade 5. Titanium Damascus Ring Cores do not stain, tarnish, or cause any nickel allergies and are made specifically for wearing as wedding rings. Titanium is extremely strong and light, which in turn makes it a very comfortable metal to wear daily. Titanium is also a hypoallergenic material meaning it is non-toxic to the human body.

Why is this style different then other Damascus ring blanks?

This Titanium Damascus Ring Core is heat treated to bring out the unique swirl of hues of blue, purples, and more. Bring a new burst of color into your project like never before. 

We recommend all sanding on your inlay to be done by hand. It is important to be very careful when sanding this style of ring blank, because you can sand away the etched look of the Damascus as well as the heat treatment. This style of ring core takes great and careful craftsmanship but it well worth the amazing look of this heat treated Titanium Damascus. 

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