Why Does Crushed Opal Change Color When Wet?

Why Does Crushed Opal Change Color When Wet?

Why Does Crushed Opal Change Color When Wet?

Dive into the fascinating realm of Crushed Opal!
Used primarily as an inlay material, Crushed Opal brings a vibrant twist to various art forms such as ring making, resin art, woodworking, and numerous craft ventures. A compelling characteristic of Crushed Opal is its translucent nature, resulting in color-shifting properties. Unleash the full potential of this striking feature by incorporating a liquid medium, thereby unveiling colors that remain unseen when dry. Let's delve into how the crushing process influences this and how to unveil the complete spectrum of color in your project...

Dry vs Wet

See the vibrancy of the crushed opal when wet (right) versus dry (left). Black Fire Crushed Opal is featured in the top photo, and Deep Sea Coral Crushed Opal is featured in the bottom photo. 

The Crushing Process

Our Lab Opal's initial form is a rough-cut stone. This stone then undergoes meticulous crushing into small fragments, which are sorted into different grain sizes with mesh filters.

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After the crushing process, what we get is Crushed Opal. But don't be fooled by its initial appearance. It might look less colorful at first glance, but that doesn't mean it's not vibrant. The real magic happens when you add liquid or coat the crushed opal in glue or epoxy resin to unlock its full color potential.

The Luminosity of Wet Crushed Opal

We've taken plenty of pictures showing how our Crushed Opal colors shine when they're wet. Looking at these photos gives you a good idea of what the color will look like in your own project.

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This color-shifting characteristic positions Crushed Opal as the perfect inlay material! Particularly for projects that require adding a liquid coating, like ring making or woodworking, introducing an adhesive or UV resin to your inlay will allow you to unlock the enhanced coloring of the crushed opal. This concept can be applied to most Crushed Opal craft projects.

The Water Test

Ever wondered what the crushed opal will look like at its most vibrant before starting your project? Here's a simple trick: the water test!

All you need to do is take a piece of paper, spread out a few pieces of crushed opal, and add a few drops of water. This will show you all the color possibilities. Don't worry about the water - once it dries, the opal goes back to its normal state.


Mastering Color Play with Crushed Opal

Thanks to its translucent properties, Crushed Opal adapts to the colors underneath the inlay space. To have more control over the final color outcome, consider painting your inlay space with the color of your preference.

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Don't be quick to judge crushed opal by its dry appearance! Crushed Opal's beauty is undoubtedly remarkable, but it truly transcends when wet or integrated into your craft project...

Featured Crushed Opal

Crushed Opal in Action


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