How to Make a Floating Crushed Opal Pen

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How to Make a Floating Crushed Opal Pen

How to Make a Floating
Crushed Opal Pen

Step up your glitter craft projects with Crushed Opal!
Take a look at the process of making a floating crushed opal pen...

The Materials & Tools:

The Process:

🌟 We first started by mixing our water and vegetable glycerin. We used mainly water with a little bit of glycerin to help prevent the water from drying out over time. This mixture is going to act as the liquid that will allow the crushed opal to be free floating within the pen. We selected these two liquids for this project because it makes the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin. You could also use glue, epoxy resin, or any other desired liquid of your choice. 

🌟 Once you have you liquid ready, you can began to fill the empty tube. We started by adding a gram to each pen tube. Then add liquid to the tube but make sure to not overfill. Try layering the crushed opal and liquid for ease of mixing. You will want a little bit of room within the tube to make sure the crushed opal can freely float.

🌟 When the tube is filled, you can place a finger over the hole of the tube and gently shake to disperse the materials. If your tube is not full enough for your liking, you can add more crushed opal or liquid at this time. 

🌟 To finalize the pen, you can put a small amount of glue around the plug that will seal the crushed opal and liquid into the tube. This way you can avoid leaking or spills. 

🌟 Now you have a unique crushed opal pen that you will want to bring everywhere with you...

- The Final Results - 

See it in action!

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