24K Gold Plated Twisted Stainless Damascus Steel Ring Blank 8mm Wide, 4mm Channel

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24K Gold Plated Twisted Stainless Damascus Steel Ring Blank

Material: Twisted Stainless Damascus (304L / 316L) with 24k Gold Plating 
Width: 8mm
Channel: 4mm
Style: One Piece Design
Comfort Fit: Yes
Pre-Etched: Yes 

Why should I purchase Stainless Damascus Steel instead of other types of Damascus Ring Cores?

Our Stainless Damascus Ring Cores are made of 304L & 316L grade Stainless Steel. Another typical combination of Damascus is 1095 & 15N20 which is meant to be used with knife making. 1095 & 15N20 is more susceptible to rusting and staining fingers when used for wedding rings. Stainless Damascus Ring Cores do not stain, tarnish, or cause any nickel allergies and are made specifically for wearing as wedding rings.

Why is this style different then other Damascus ring blanks?

The 24K gold plating is on the etched metal, that does not come in contact with skin and will last much longer.

This is our loved Stainless Damascus ring blank that has been plated with 24k gold. This gives you the stunning look of gold at an affordable value. Plating can wear down over time with everyday wear and tear. For this reason, this particular style of Damascus ring blanks cannot be re-etched. The chemicals used for the etching process could eat away at the gold plating. We recommend all sanding on your inlay to be done by hand. It is important to be very careful when sanding this style of ring blank, because you can sand away the etched look of the Damascus as well as the gold plating. This style of ring core takes great and careful craftsmanship but it is well worth the amazing look of this gold plated Damascus. 

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