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Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal

Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal is the aftermath of an intergalactic space battle. This alien blue color glimmers with drops of green, red, and yellow. The shifting colors seemed to have been pumping through an alien warrior veins into your next project. 

Primary Color: Dark Blue
Secondary Colors: Green, Red, Yellow


What is Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal?

Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal is a synthetic lab-made inlay material that consists of Silica and Polymer rather than silica and water (natural opal). The polymer stabilizes our opal and makes a  non-porous finished product. With synthetic opal you experience no cracking and crazing that can be detrimental when using natural opal in jewelry. By using a polymer it also creates a slightly softer product making it superior for turning and cabbing. Our crushed opal inlay material does not fall victim to color fading and is resistant to chemicals such as acetone and alcohol. 

What Are The Differences Between Medium and Fine Size Crushed Opal?

Medium size crushed opal is beneficial when you want to have the primary color of the opal stand out. When the inlay material is crushed to our fine size, you will see less of the primary color and more of the secondary (play-of-color/fire) colors. 

Medium Size: 0.5mm to 2mm Stones
Fine Size: 0.5mm to 0.25mm (recommended for ring inlays)

Crushed opal properties

What Are Some Uses Of Crushed Opal Inlay Material?

There are endless possibilities with our crushed opal inlay material! Here are a few common ways our crushed opal inlay material is being used by our customers:

  • Ring Making
  • Pen Turning
  • Bladesmithing
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Nail Art
  • Woodworking
  • Furniture Inlay
  • Resin Art
  • Epoxy Art

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