Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal - 10 Grams

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10G Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal

Product Information:

Material Type: Lab Created Alien Bloodstone Opal
Color: Green/Blue & Rainbow
Grain Size: Medium (0.5mm to 2mm Stones) & Fine (1.5mm and smaller)
Quantity: 10 Grams 
Material Information: 80% silica & 20% resin 

Heat Resistance: The material can only withstand heat up to a rough estimate of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 
MOHS Hardness: 4

Why Should I Buy a Bulk Pack Over Single Grams? 

Bulk Packs are a great deal for 10 gram quantities. For Large and Medium, our single gram pricing starts at USD $8.00 but with this Bulk Pack you can save 20% and pay USD $6.40 per gram. For Fine, our single gram pricing starts at USD $9.00 but with this Bulk Pack you can save 20% and pay USD $7.20 per gram. 


SECONDARY COLORS:  Green, Red, Yellow

Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal looks like the aftermath of an intergalactic space battle. This alien blue color glimmers with drops of green, red, and yellow. The shifting colors seemed to have been pumping through an alien warrior veins into your next project.

What is Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal?

Alien Bloodstone Crushed Opal is a synthetic lab-made material that consists of Silica and Polymer rather than hydrated silica (natural opal). The polymer stabilizes our opal which in turn makes it easier for jewelry making. You will experience less cracking and crazing that can be detrimental when using natural opal in jewelry. By using a polymer it also creates a slightly softer product making it superior for turning and cabbing. Our crushed opal does not fall victim to color fading and is resistant to chemicals such as acetone and alcohol. 

Crushed Opal takes around one year to grow in a controlled environment. This is a complex process of layering to create the unique color patterns. The first form of synthetic opal is a rough cut of stone. This rough cut synthetic stone is then crushed down and sifted into the desired stone sizes. After our testing we determined the perfect stone sizes to offer; Large, Medium, Fine, and Powder forms. 

Our crushed opal is weighted to be like natural stone, unlike a lot of glitters. Glitter is almost weightless, where our products are of a much higher quality than glitter.

Our photos are representing our crushed opal by what it will look like "wet" or when added to your project. Adding an adhesive, glue, resin, nail polish, and/or etc. to our opal brings it to life. Opal will look best in natural lighting or once added to your project. The crushing process may make the stone pieces appear less colorful to the naked human eye but do not be fooled this product comes to life once in use. Fine sized can look lighter in color due to the crushing process, but once again will brighten up with use. Our Crushed Opal may not be as vibrant until in use. Please try our products in your project for best color results. *Color on your screen can appear differently from device to device, please keep this in mind.

Sizing and Quantities: 


ONE gram of crushed opal roughly fills a space of 1.5" X 1.5" X 0.5-1mm 

Medium Size: 0.5mm to 2mm Stones
Fine Size: 1.5mm and smaller (recommended for ring inlays)

The Uses Of Crushed Opal: 

Casting Projects
Jewelry/Ring Making
Nail Art
Other Inlay Projects
Pen Turning
Resin Art

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